FIXERS // The New Way to Book Travel

girl-tent-8b1c9279199c6a2b7e443d1970a87026303876f502f991081ccaa1bc0fddaf2a.jpgYou may have seen Fixers around Facebook or Twitter, but the good news is that they’ve finally launched! They offer holidays that are based on your interests and hobbies – tell them the stuff you’re into, and they’ll give you a range of options to suit you. Plus, the more you browse their website and rate your favourite experiences, the better they’ll get at suggesting more.

Booking is super easy too – they tell you exactly what’s included and you only need to pay a 10% deposit. Simple.

Me personally? I’ve got my eye on this fantastic Montenegro hiking trip that I’m desperately trying to free up some dates for!

Go have a browse…I’m certain you’ll find exactly the kind of trip you’re after.


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