Holkham, North Norfolk

IMG_1286Holkham has to be the most idyllic estate in Norfolk. It’s certainly my favourite. The grand Hall, peaceful grounds and endless panorama of sandy beach over the road.

We had a beautiful day for it with clear blue skies. Unfortunately, it was a bank holiday, so the estate and the beach were packed with people, but I managed to get some quieter shots.

Late autumn is my favourite time to visit though. There’s deer rutting in the park and the beach is virtually empty, making for some great walks along the tide line.

Have you visited? What do you like about Holkham?



    1. Ah, nice! Hope you have a great time! Unfortunately it’s not, but parking is only £3 for the day and the grounds are free to walk around. The Walled Garden is really lovely and £3 for entry. If you want to go into the Hall, it’s a little more expensive, and only open Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays, which is a little odd haha! But walking around the grounds were enough for me and my partner, it took the best part of an afternoon and it’s really very lovely! 🙂 Esther xx

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