Heard of information pollution?

Neither had I, but I think I’m slowly dying of it.

It’s pretty self explanatory; there’s a lot of information in our worlds today and a lot of it is diluted by irrelevant and low-value info. We, through the world of the Internet, have the daily chore of absorbing a large quantity of it.

JustNaya’s article perfectly sums up the concept and gives some handy hints about how to limit consumption of social media and everything online, but sometimes in a while, I like to switch off completely. Here’s a couple more things that I’ve tried to incorporate into my routine:

A Day Off

I don’t post a blog on Sunday. In fact, on Sundays, I try to switch off my phone and laptop completely and I don’t touch them. In reality, it doesn’t always work out as perfectly as it sounds, but the intention is there and the practice of turning everything off for one day a week is refreshing.

Reading Time

Take time to read, be it a magazine or a book, just make sure it’s not your phone! I try to turn off my phone at least half an hour beofre bed and I pick up a book to lull me to sleep. It’s also valuable time spent not scrolling through Instagram.

First Thing in the Morning

Make the first thing you reach for in the morning, something else. This one is hard for me; the habit of picking up my phone and checking messages when I wake up is ingrained into me. Instead, I try to resist, to at least make and eat my breakfast before I begin checking if someone’s liked my latest post.

via Information Pollution and what you can do about it.


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